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Manāki Kete

Looking for a gift/koha that speak louder than words?

Manāki Kete2023-09-06T09:12:59+12:00

We’ve teamed up with various domestic cleaning companies to provide nau mai ra/welcome home care packages: Manāki Kete

Our ‘welcome home’ care packages/manāki kete are designed to reduce stress and pressure on those returning home from care or the hospital.

We will have the whare welcoming and ready for their return, and to top it off, freshly prepared kai ready to be enjoyed at their convenience.

How it works

Simply purchase the preferred manāki kete and any optional add-on you might want to include. Once payment is processed, the purchaser has the option to have the gift voucher emailed to themself (to personally deliver) or opt to have it emailed directly to the giftee with a personalised note.

Once the giftee has received the voucher, they can go into our booking system and select a time and date for us to service.

A manāki team member will contact the giftee and confirm the details and discuss access to the whare on the day.

Due day: the manāki rep will collect the freshly prepared meal from T Kai Catering, to take to the whare. Depending on pre-arrangement the kai will be either placed in the refridgerator or in the oven to be kept warm, and any other items to be stored until close to exit time. Prior to exiting, the rep will lay the table and provide written info of the meal and its content, note: for safety reasons, the oven will be switched-off just prior to the manāki rep exiting the property.

Minimum of 2hrs house work will be done, cleaning products and equipment used will be provided by the team. You can expect:

  • Curtains, windows, and doors opened to let in fresh air, then closed prior to exiting to ensure the whare is warm.
  • Dishes washed and dryed, benches wiped
  • Bed/s made
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaned
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Obvious dirty clothing placed in laundry
  • Obvious rubbish binned, rubbish bag removed
  • Time permitting, laundry washed and hung
  • If it is a cold day, the giftee has the option to request the whare to be warmed with their own chosen heating source (note: for safety purposes, the rep will turn off heating just prior to exiting).

The manāki rep will have exited the property at least 15 mins prior to the returnee/s is due home. 

Home alone

Kainga anake



Family of 4


Extended family of 6

Whānau whānui

Allows the giftee to relax and recoup/recover.
Give a little comfort and reduce a little stress when they are time short.
Introductory promotional offer – receive free choice of dessert for yourself.

The people who have appreciated and benefited from our service, have been:

  • Discharged hospital patients
  • Parents with newborn/s
  • Returning home from out of town
  • Returning home from an unexpected urgent departure

Introductory promotional offer – the purchaser receives a free family size dessert to enjoy.


What if the giftee wants to cash in the voucher for a cash refund.2023-09-06T09:07:14+12:00

No, we will not exchange the vouncher for a cash refund to the giftee.

What if their ‘due home date’ is not available?2023-09-06T09:07:14+12:00

We ask that they contact us directly as there maybe a cancellation that the system has yet to update. If we cannot provide the service we will contact the purchaser to discuss refund options.

I don’t want to pay the full amount, can I purchase a value amount to go towards one of the manāki kete instead?2023-09-06T09:07:14+12:00

Yes, the remaining balance will be required from the giftee at the time of booking the service.

What if I don’t know when they will be due home?2023-09-06T09:07:14+12:00

This is the beauty of it, the giftee can utilise and book at their convenience.

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