Our platters a based on 10 people per platter, if you have more than 10 people to provide for, we can price accordingly.

Fruit from $70 +GST: the selection of fruit is based on seasonal availability with at least 5 different fruits within the platter and dipping sauce. For the perfect addition to morning tea, upgrade to our deluxe for $85 +GST to include a large pottle of yoghurt, marshmallows, dried fruit, and nuts, or ask about our fruit skewers.

Savoury from $100 +GST: a minimum of 5 options and at least 2 items per person, this may include (but not be limited to) traditional pastries, frittata muffins, quiche, mushroom/chili cups, sushi, and Asian mix with dipping sauce.

Bakery from $100 +GST: a minimum of 5 options and at least 2 items per person, this may include but not be limited to: scones with cream & jam, muffins, fruit pastries, cake, cookies, and/or slices.

Sandwich from $110 +GST: a selection of filled wraps, ciabattas, and club sandwiches that include chicken, ham and/or beef, and vegetarian options

Cheeseboard from $90 +GST: a great way to end the day with a cheese’n’cracker platter for afternoon tea. Each platter will include at least two varieties of crackers, cheeses, dips, deli meat, and olives or gherkins.


Lunch Boxes $24ea +GST

Minimum order of 10 is required
Choice of

  • Ciabatta
  • Croissant
  • Baguette

Filled with a variety of chef’s choice fillings:

Veg: lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, onion, capsicum, pickle/gherkin, or avocado
Meat: chicken, ham, beef, tuna, or salam
Other: cheese

Condiment: mayo, relish/chutney, Mustard

Also included:

  • Two sweet items e.g., brownie and cupcake
  • One pkt of crackers and crisps
  • Mixed nut pottle
  • Handful of grapes & 1 piece of seasonal fruit
  • 300ml bottle of water

Please note that items may be substituted with similar items of the same quality and value.

Pick’n’Mix from $30 +GST

Minimum order 10 people.

One choice of:

  • Creamy chicken Pasta
  • Beef Lasagne
  • Quiche
  • Mild chicken curry

One choice of:

  • Fudge brownies
  • Scones with cream and jam
  • Muffins


  • One side dish that matches the hotpot dish: rice, green salad, or coleslaw
  • Dinner roll
  • Condiments: butter and salad dressing if applicable

Ask about our range of dessert bite platters